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Seepje Balsam pentru rufe 750ml

2400 lei
  • Seepje fabric softener is 100% natural (Ecocert certified)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Makes your laundry naturally soft, easier to iron and less static
  • Easy to use
Seepje Fabric Softener 'Freshly Pressed Spring'

For that wonderful spring washing experience!

Our fabric softener is 100% natural and makes your laundry super soft, easier to iron and less static. You can choose from two delicious scents, based entirely on plant-based perfumes, 'Fresh pressed spring fragrance' or 'Free and happy fragrance'. Combine these with our Seepje detergents and your washing fun is complete! The package contains 750 ml of fabric softener, enough for 30 soft washes. The bottle consists of 97% Dutch recycled plastic.

This is how Seepje Fabric Softener works
Fill the drum well with laundry and dose the recommended amount of Seepje in the fabric softener dispenser of your washing machine. Zapp to your favorite washing program… and spin!

Content: 750ml

This pack is enough for 30 gentle washes.

Note: not suitable for wool and silk
What is Seepje
Seepje makes detergents and all-purpose cleaners from super peels from Nepal. We only use the cleanest ingredients and together we pay a fair price for it. Our mission? A cleaner and more beautiful world! 

It all started in March 2013, when Melvin and Jasper saw on television how people in Nepal made natural soap from fruit peels. Peels of the Sapindus mukorossi fruit to be precise. It contains saponin, a natural form of soap, which is released when the peels come into contact with water. Melvin and Jasper came into contact with Hari, the Nepalese peel farmer, and decided to scrape together their student grants to ship a first load of peels to the Netherlands. They saw an opportunity to make people happy here with a wonderful product, while improving working and living conditions in Nepal at the same time! 

There are now nine different Seepjes, available at about 1100 stores in the Netherlands and Belgium. And we think that's important. Because the more people use Seepje, the more we can do together for people and the environment. You can wash with the super peels themselves, or with one of the liquid Seepjes. Recently we even satisfy many a cleaning shower! Are you going for Seepje Sun on your bulb scent or Seepje Fresh mint scent…?